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Keeping Sane With Game Jams

This one will just be a short one!

It’s been a rocky couple of months, as I’m sure it has been for everyone. As someone who loves meeting people, having coffees, going to networking events and having more coffee, its been… weird.

But one thing has been a shining light in this lockdown period, and that is the game jam. It hasn’t been my first foray into the event, but this time round it certainly felt different. These jams get you working and playing with brand new people all over the world (I believe we had a team of 7 nationalities) with incredible skills.

Luckier for me still, we won one! Big shout out to the game jam gang with whom I created Undivided, the game that won us ‘Best Mood’ in the Stay Safe Jam. You can check it out on itch.io here!

The track I worked on for it builds on an Olafur-esque piano score with Blade Runner synth textures and minimal drums. As someone who is often employed for impactful tracks, this was a welcome change of pace. If you are a budding dev in any area of gaming, do get involved. Now is the time to do it!

You can check out a great game jam calendar on itch.io here. Once you see a jam that you think you would be interested in, find the discord server link and start chatting and find yourself a team. There is room for all abilities, so don’t be afraid to throw yourself in.

Hopefully I can commit to more regular posting from now. Next up, I’ll be talking about our recent track feature on BBC Four’s main advertising reel and how it has bought back some confidence in sound libraries.

Hope you are all staying safe, educating yourselves on the current global situation and helping your fellow humans. We are stronger together.

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