using scene with FMOD

FMOD deals with audio very well and requires no initial work to read ambisonics files, just drag the audio file(s) into the Assets tab of the Event Editor window. you should see a four channel audio track in the bottom left of the window when you select the file.
next, create a 3D Event by right clicking and selecting it in the Events tab. assign this event to your desired bank, in our case the Master Bank. you should see the #unassigned tag disappear next to the event name when you do this. add the audio file to the event from the Assets tab.
for head-tracked binaurally rendered audio, we need to use the appropriate SDK. there are a number on offer and all free, but in this case we are using the Google Resonance Audio plugins included in FMOD. delete the FMOD standard Spatialiser and add the Resonance Audio Soundfield plugin to the master dock of your event.
the last thing we need to do is add a Resonance Audio Listener plugin to the Master Track in FMOD. navigate to the Mixer window (ctrl/cmd + 2) and select the far right track then add the listener from Plugin Effects > Google. without this plugin, nothing will be heard from your ambisonics files.
NOTE: if you are using non-spatial audio, you should put the listener on a track group instead of the master and route spatial audio there.

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