using scene with Unreal Engine

drag and drop your ambisonics audio into your Contents folder in Unreal. your file should have the suffix _ambiX.wav, and so in the asset details you should see that Is Ambisonics is ticked. if it isn't, tick it!
drag your audio file into the Scene in order to automatically create a new AudioSource. in the Details tab, set the Attenuation to your created Sound Attenuation.
in case you weren't sure which direction your ambisonics file is facing, the Red Arrow in Unreal signifies the front of your ambisonics signal.
create a new Sound Attenuation asset by right clicking in your Contents browser and going to Sounds > Sound Attenuation. double click on your new assets and set your Attenuation Method to Binaural. also, check that Enable Spatialization is ticked while you're there!

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