using scene with Adobe Audition

Audition allows you to drag ambisonics files straight into the Files windows, and should show a Channel Count of 4. upon dragging this file into the Editor, you should also see 4 waveforms. 
if you haven't used third party VSTs before in Audition, you will need to scan for your decoder plugin. to do this head to Effects > Audio Plugin Manager and Scan For Plugins. when this has completed you should be able to select your third-party plugins and press OK.
to be able to monitor our ambisonics file, we need to decode it to a stereo output. when the Track is selected (not your session), go to the Effect Rack and find your binaural decoder VST/VST3. we have used the DearVR Ambi-Micro. after this, right-click on your track and select Add To MultiTrack.
it should be noted that Audition is more geared towards more traditional audio production. currently bus options are limited to Mono, Stereo and 5.1. while an ambisonics output is clearly shown in Audition's Audio Channel Mapping you may need appropriate hardware to access this feature. it is advised that you use the described steps to adding ambisonics files (recommended for headphones), or consider using a surround file option (recommended for speaker arrays).

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