using scene with Reaper

a lot of Reaper's audio setup is doable in the track itself (which is great!), all we need to do is go into our Track Routing options to prepare for ambisonics. in the dialogue, make sure to deselect Master Send and then change the Track Channels to 4 (FOA) or 16 (TOA).
your second track will be used as an auxiliary for monitoring your ambisonics, so to this add your binaural renderer. we are using the fantastic
Ambi-Micro plugin from DearVR which is free! Make sure you name your tracks accordingly.
create a second audio track (double click under your first track), and change the Track Channels to the same number as the previous track. then you can click and drag from the Track Routing icon of the first to the second track. a new dialogue will open in which you must change the Input to a Multichannel Source of either 1-4 (FOA) or 1-16 (TOA).
add your audio file, either by dragging it into the region next to your audio track (not auxiliary!) or by navigating to it using the Media Browser (ctrl/cmd + alt + x).
after that, you're all set!

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