using scene with Ableton Live 10

unfortunately for Live 9 and Standard users, Ableton currently only offers continued ambisonics support for users of Live 10 Suite (as we need Max for Live). if you're all good here, you need to head over to the Envelop plugins page to download their free Live plugins for spatial audio.
add your ambisonic audio to a new track and add the E4L Meter plugin to it. when you press play you should see 4 (first-order) or 16 (third-order) channels rise on the Meter to signify that your audio is ready to be routed. because your decoder hasn't been added, you won't hear any audio yet.
once you have the Envelop package setup, we recommend navigating to it in Live and setting its folder as a Shortcut. this way you can find it easily next time. we will just need the E4L Meter and E4L Master plugins.
add the E4L Master plugin to your Master Bus, and select Binaural from the Decoder dropdown. also check that the Monitor 1+2 button is highlighted yellow. if you wish to create head-tracked audio, you can change the Decoder to AmbiX for bouncing.

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