using scene with Adobe Premiere Pro

in Premiere, you should make sure your imported audio is configured correctly before putting it into your sequence. right-click on the imported ambisonics file and select Modify > Audio Channels. from here make sure the Clip Channel Formats to Adaptive.
create a new sequence, at File > New > Sequence, and use a 360 ready preset. here we're using the Stereoscopic 360 > 4K - Ambisonics preset as Youtube doesn't currently support 8K 360 video.
when you add you audio to your new sequence, you should see 4 audio channels if using first-order or 16 audio channel if using third-order ambisonics. you're ready to use 360 audio!
when exporting, go to the Audio tab. first select 4.0 from the Channels selection, then head down to the bottom of the tab to check the Audio is Ambisonics option before exporting.

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