using scene with Nuendo

ahead of adding ambisonics to our Nuendo project, we must head to Studio > Audio Connections in order to create a new ambisonics bus by clicking on Add Bus and selecting an ambisonics format from the 
Configuration dropdown. right-click and Set as Main Bus.
while Nuendo has its own ambisonics decoder, that will be set automatically, it's best to use a third-party plugin. We opt for the DearVR Ambi-Micro. switch your decoder by clicking on the name above the Mix knob, and open the plugin by clicking on the button labelled e.
be sure to head to the Control Room tab and check that your left and right outputs are set to your headphones. now, create a new track and set the Output of this track to your new ambisonics bus.
you should be good to go! add some ambisonics audio to the track you set-up to get started.

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