using scene with Pro Tools

Pro Tools is one of the best DAWs for ambisonics, and it's workflow reflects this. go to New > Track and in the dialogue ensure that the track type reflects the ambisonics file you're using (in this case we are going to select First-Order Ambisonics)
drag and drop your audio file from your file explorer onto the region to the right of your new track. you will notice that the new region that is created will have a stack of four different waveforms, which is correct for a first-order ambisonics (FOA) file.
create a second track, following the same instruction as step 1, which will be used as a monitoring track. make sure to name your tracks accordingly. add a binaural renderer to your new track, we're using the DearVR Ambi-Micro, that you can download for free, for Ambisonics/Stereo.
the last thing to do is route your tracks so that you can hear everything. your audio track should be routed to your monitoring track by selecting Output > Track > [track name], and your monitoring track to your headphones that are usually Output 1 - Output 2 and signified by a speaker icon.

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