using scene with Wwise

before opening Wwise, it is worth noting that Google Resonance Audio does not come with the base Wwise install, and can be found in the Plugins section of the Wwise Launcher.
in the Wwise middleware, ambisonics files are imported the same as other audio files under File > Import Files. it is worth checking that Wwise has recognised the file as an ambisonics audio format by double clicking on the waveform icon. the format should be Ambisonic.
in order to use ambisonics in Wwise, a new bus that deals with 3D audio must be created under the Master Bus. this bus needs to have Ambisonics (1st or 3rd order) selected under the Channel Configuration. under the Effects tab, add the Resonance Audio Renderer.
go back to your audio file, under the Audio tab, so that you can change the Output selection to your newly created Master Bus. you should be able to hear your audio once this is done. next to Output Bus is the Loop option, tick this box to enable perfect looping.

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