using scene with Unity

Unity needs an ambisonic decoder to render SCENE audio binaurally. in this instance we have used the Oculus Unity Spatializer plugins. these have been downloaded as a .unitypackage and inported using Assets > Import Package > Custom Package.
ambisonics audio can be dragged into the Project window of the Unity project. click on the imported audio file and make sure to tick Ambisonics in the Inspector. you may also make changes to compression in this menu.
once the package has been imported, navigate to the Project Settings and select the Ambisonic Decoder Plugin(in this case) as Oculus. now we can make an Audiosource by going to Gameobject > Audio > Audio Source.
return to the Audiosource. tick the Loop selection in the Inspector, and also Bypass Reverb Zones. you can now drag your audio file from the Project window to the Audio Source box in the Inspector. be sure to also route the Audiosource to an Output (the Master is fine).

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