using scene with Logic Pro X

before adding any audio to your project, it's important you make sure your audio preferences are set up correctly. we can access this by going to Preferences > Audio from 
Logic Pro X on the toolbar.
next, we must adjust the channel strip setting so that it will use the correct number of channels. under the output option, adjust Stereo Out to Surround then drag in the ambisonics audio file. Logic Pro X will still display 6 audio channels, but we will change that in a second.
since we're working with 4-channel audio files, we need to adjust our I/O Assignments to match. Logic Pro X displays this as the surround option Quadraphonic. check when this is selected that the Bounce Extensions and Input tabs show Quadraphonic also.
finally, we can add two plugins to our master bus. firstly the Downmix > Quad plugin that is included with Logic Pro X (this adjusts the channel outputs from 6 to 4 for bouncing to ambisonics files) , and secondly a binaural rendering plugin to monitor your 360 audio. This time we're using the free Røde Soundfield plugin.

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